lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Bondi Beach the simple pleasure of living

Form and Function
Create a common area that rises above the street and lies along Bondi beach, yet still retaining privacy.
The tower in a T form embrace the heart of the project, while giving importance to the views you can
Enjoy the simple pleasure of living…
Bring contemporary luxury architecture offering design and lifestyle.

Sun, bleached bathers, seaside joggers and surfers spilling across the ocean waves.

This is Bondi- Australia’s most mythologized beach. From the shore to its backstreets,
Curiosities and temptations beckon with vibrancy that’s hard to resist.

A local vibe runs through Bondi like a current. Here you’ll find world-class restaurants aside
Cheerful eateries, the glamorous, the eccentric, business magnates and sun-bleaches

Shop for organic food, the latest boutique fashion, or drop in for breakfast in
Board shorts, bikinis or a business suit. As a place to call home, there is nowhere else
In t he worlds quite like it.


Una persona con discapacidad, es una persona como cualquier otra, con limitaciones y capacidades, con retos y oportunidades, una persona que simplemente requiere apoyos para alcanzar sus sueños; y el primer apoyo, es la firme convicción de que puede lograrlo. Lo importante es que cada uno de nosotros, nos demos la opor ...tunidad de ver a las personas, antes que su condición de discapacidad.